Hi, I'm Betsy Moyer, KCRW's Director of Digital Content Strategy.

Somehow, out of 3,000 people in the world, I am one that has #GoogleGlass. Follow along here as I share the journey through this often confusing and sometimes funny device.

@BetsyKCRW: Bringing fresh perspective on nerd repair with masking tape.

@BetsyKCRW: Bringing fresh perspective on nerd repair with masking tape.

Uh Oh. 

Has anyone else broken their Google Glass? Was it your dog’s fault?

KCRW’s Connie tells me Google Glass isn’t pretty. Maybe if I bedazzle it?

KCRW Volunteer Maggie was stoked to fumble with the glass in action. I love how excited she was to see it. We recorded her experience with an iPhone.

I heard me on the radio at work today, talking about my experiences and thoughts on Google Glass.

Here’s the show description and the Soundcloud audio from KCRW’s Design & Architecture with Frances Anderton.

We have all heard endlessly about Google Glass. On today’s show, we get the prognosis from two women who have tried it. Is Glass — singular — a window into a Cyborgian future made real? Or a gismo without purpose that’ll join the dust-heap of bad tech ideas? With Betsy Moyer and Bianca Bosker. Plus, a taste of future living micro-scale, with Katrina Stoll Szabo, Alan Hess, Takako Tajima, Michael Maltzan, Todd Gish, and Liz Falletta.

This is a test run version of the classic KCRW tour…. first person and so real, led by my dear friend and Music Publicity Director, Rachel Reynolds. 

We are still learning about #GoogleGlass….. but  here is a raw unedited and often inaudible tour of the basement at KCRW #ThroughGlass